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The novelty of theses’ topics, the existence of similar research on the topics for writing the literature review, its applicability, and so on have turned choosing the thesis topic into one of the most important steps in the realm of research, in a way that the researchers should not restrict their search merely to one of the different ways of choosing the topic. The research suggestions in the theses and research papers are considered as one of the most important sources for choosing the thesis topic and conducting research. Therefore, aiming at guiding the graduate students and researchers in choosing their intended topics, the theses desk in the Information Center and Central Library decided to prepare the available research suggestions in the theses written in 1391-1393, based on the different majors and faculties.

To gain access to the complete bibliographic information, you can click on the “download integrated file” link, which is an excel file.


Animated-Bullet-DiamondBlueDarkThe Research Suggestions, Based on Major


Animated-Bullet-DiamondBlueDark The Research Suggestions, Based on Faculty     


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