Goals of Scientometrics


 Scientometrics is the study of measuring and analysing science, technology and innovation. ... In practice there is a significant overlap between scientometrics and other scientific fields such as bibliometrics, information systems, information science and science of science policy.


Scientometrics Index

Index is considered as an entity, which is the representative of several homogenous variables and a means of measuring and comparing the phenomenons, with cetain nature and properties.  Thus, based on this entity, one can explore the changes applied to certain variables, during a specific period of time. Evaluating the indexes is possible, using the mathematics and statistics formulas. more....


 Scientometrics Software

 Citation analysis is a method which is based on the citations in scientific texts, so that counting the number of citations used in different texts, including magazines, theses, etc., it can analyze these texts. The citation analysis software helps us in conducting the process. Some of the software includes:

  •  HistCite Scientometrics Software
  •  Publish or Perish Citation Analysis Software

To see many of the software associated with scientometrics click here …

 To get more information, you can study the paper on scientometrics software.



 Studying and Using Scientific Impact meters based on the amount of activity on online environment and tools are known as altmetrics. This issue is also called scientometrics 2. In this discussion, the amount of twitting is considered instead of using the amount of journals’ citation to the impact rate of social media such as view, download, likes and reflecting in blog from which the samples below can be paid attention to:

  • Being Viewed and viewability in social media such as Academia, researchgate, etc
  • The amount of data downloading and saving in tools such as Mendely, CiteUlike
  • Discussing such as (Wikipedia, Facebook, Tweeter, Natureblog, Science-seeker,…)
  • Being Recommended such as things done in sites like F1000prime.


Universities Ranking

Universities Ranking is done based on different criteria which each criterion has special indexes. Some of them are research, education, international aspect, facilities, etc. Universities placed in this ranking have the necessary features and indexes for the country’s growth and progress. Hence, some universities of the world use this ranking for qualitative evaluations. Some of the important systems are:



center URAP

QS  Rankings


CWTS Leiden Ranking













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