The Amin Project Inter-Library Lending

The Amin Project Inter-Library Lending

The Iranian Research Institute for Information Science and Technology is the liaison organization of the Amin project among the centers that has determined regulations and rules which must be applied by all centers and libraries. Amin project is a solution via which applicants can have access to the resources of other libraries indirectly. This project is an agreement signed among libraries upon which each library can prepare documents from another library if the document requested by the applicant isn’t available at their own center which may be in the form of document lending services or document image services. The central library and information center of Ferdowsi university of Mashhad is member and representative of this project.

Project Executer: Shahnaz Gholam Hossein Nezhad




How to Use the Amin Project



In order to use this project, applicants can search their intended resources in the resources existing at the faculty’s library and valid websites and libraries’ inventory and … and then write down its bibliographical information with the document keeping location and then refer to the central library and information center of the university, the document supplying services unit located on the ground floor  of the library to Ms. Gholam Hossein Nezhad and transfer the concerned information into the document acquisition form and deliver it to the executer. The project executer will check the form and make sure of the information validity and then she will carry out the stages of ordering the document and after receiving the requested document, she will notify the applicant to attempt to get the documents. Applicants should refer for joining and contact 38806548 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for obtaining more information. This project supplies the resources needed by the clients and provides them to the applicant. Cost of the lending and document image services with sending token (blue or green) is paid by the library requesting the services to the library providing the services.




Amin Project Condition


Article request: Article’s image is sent which its request tariff is 15000 Rials (1500 Tomans) which is paid at the time of providing the request to the project executer. If the document image is more than 30 pages, the cost will be calculated based on the tariff inquiry.

Book request: If the applicant wants to borrow a document, the lending duration from date of receiving the document by the applicant is 15 days which in the case of not being reserved, it is extendable for another 15 days. It has to be mentioned that a valid ID card is received from the applicant for lending book.

Tariff of lending book is 25000 Rials (2500 Tomans) which is paid at the time of providing the request to the project executer.



Conditions of Resource Requesting


The requested resource: The requested resource can be book or article. In the case of needing dissertation, just image of its first 15 pages is prepared. Preparing reports and seminars is dependent on the policy of document owning center.

Users: All students of associate degree, B.Sc., MA and PhD and professors and faculties can use this project.

All centers and universities from out of the Ferdowsi university of Mashhad can also use this project with this difference that all tariffs considered for requests will change for them.

Animated-Bullet-DiamondBlueDark  List of member universities of the Amin project




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