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Leabharlann James Hardiman Library

Engineering: Sources on the Web

Scheeff's Engineering Sources List

University of Missouri-Columbia Engineering Library Web Resources

Academic Info:Engineering Gateway - Directory of Online Engineering Resources


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automotive engineering subject Guide

Civil Engineering Sources

Electrical & Computer Engineering Sources

industrial engineering resources

magnetic component engineering


Animated-Bullet-DiamondBlueDark Dictionaries

Engineering Dictionary

Glossary of Engineering Words

Engineering Glossary


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EngNet UK - Engineering Directory

:Engineering Virtual Library out of Edinburgh, Scotland


Directory of science and engineering resources


:Databases & Articles

Ohio Link Databases

:Journals & Books

BioMedical Engineering OnLine (5/02 - ) BMC

BioMedical Engineering OnLine (2002 - ; excluding most recent 12 months) Pubmed

( -EPRI Journal (2001

IEEE Standards Bearer (1995 - ; excluding most recent 12 months) IEEE

( -Journal of Design Research (2001

Journal of Nanobiotechnology n/a BMC

( -MCEER Bulletin (Multidisciplinary Center for Earthquake Engineering Research) (1994

(Technology Interface (1996 - 2000

( -TeraWord (2003

:Electronic Reference Sources

:Associations and Organizations

Organizations for Engineers

:Schools and Departments


All Conferences guide to Engineering conferences

Engineering Conferences International

Discussion Groups:

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