Foundations of therapeutic recreation : perceptions, philosophies, and practices

  • عنوان کتاب: Foundations of therapeutic recreation : perceptions, philosophies, and practices
  • نویسنده: Terry Long, Terry Robertson
  • ناشر: human kinetics
  • سال نشر: 2020
  • دسترسی:

    مشاهده وضعیت امانت

  • برگرفته از آمازون:

    Through Foundations of Therapeutic Recreation, students will be able to achieve these objectives:

    -Gain a 21st-century vision of the profession provided by leading thinkers in the field

    -Learn the attributes and skills they need in order to thrive in various career paths in the profession

    -Interact through the text, technology, and media responses to more thoroughly understand the field and profession

    Foundations of Therapeutic Recreation provides readers with a comprehensive introduction to the profession. The book draws on the combined wisdom, experience, and technical expertise of 23 professors and leaders in the field. From these contributors, readers gain access to diverse perceptions, philosophies, and practices for therapeutic recreation in the 21st century.

    The book showcases how the profession addresses various clients' needs throughout the life span through therapeutic programs, modalities, and activities. It also

    -presents a wide range of applications, allowing readers to explore their personal and professional options;

    -provides insight into the basic knowledge, attributes, and skills students need in order to thrive in the field; and

    -delineates career paths in the profession and how a therapeutic recreation specialist works with various populations.

    Edited by Dr. Terry Robertson and Dr. Terry Long, Foundations of Therapeutic Recreation has a comprehensive vision. The contributors present the broad scope of therapeutic recreation as research and practice across a diverse demographic of clients and consumers. The contributing authors explore various perspectives on therapeutic recreation and present standards and certification information that prepare students for the profession.

    Part I defines therapeutic recreation as a profession and provides an overview of its history and of the professional opportunities available. Part I also explores the profession's person-first philosophy and outlines the therapeutic recreation process as well as its models and modalities of practice and its allied professions.

    Part II delves into trends and issues, looking at demographics, economics, politics, and legislation as they affect the profession. It details international issues and paradoxes and concludes with future perspectives.

    Part III examines mechanisms for intervention from a number of perspectives, including orthopedic and neurological impairment, developmental disabilities, mental health, youth development, aging, and wellness.

    Foundations of Therapeutic Recreation contains chapter discussion questions to expand students' learning as well as Outstanding Professionals and Client Portraits sections to help students gain insight into various career paths. The book is accompanied by an instructor guide, PowerPoint presentations, and a test package available via the text's Web site to support the classroom instruction and enhance learning.

    The entire package gives students a solid grounding in the profession as it is today and a clear understanding of where the profession is headed tomorrow.

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