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The set of visual auditory material is of high importance at academic libraries and is used plentifully as teaching aid material in many educating and researching centers and is useful for transferring and understanding the educational topics because of using sound and image. The visual-auditory set of the central library and information center has started to work with the aim of gathering software and applications and also educational videos and so on and by organizing these resources, it has provided the possibility of lending and also searching via the librarian software. Having 7500 CDs including CDs related to books existing in the tank and teaching CDs, this unit meets the clients’ need. Using these resources is possible at the location. After getting registered in this unit, CDs are searchable and accessible on the library’s system. Moreover, users can refer to the concerned hall and using the existing computers to use the visual and auditory set..










  •  Preparing resources needed by professors and students and users of the university
  •  Preparing electronic version of existing video clips
  •  Registering and cataloging the visual and auditory resources
  •  Preparing the resources on the library’s borrowing system and the university Sadaf  system
  •  Providing information on existing resources
  •  providing resources online search services
  •  Educational services to clients in the form of educational CDs.
  •  Informing the new existing resources in the unit
  •  Recording and segregating CDs of different topics
  •  Guiding clients on how to install and setup the existing softwares
  • Preparing and installing softwares needed by users on the existing systems.



 clock e0 Time of the unit’s service providing


Shahnaz Gholam Hossein Nezhad 

In Charge of the Visual and Auditory Unit Information and Knowledge Science 



This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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