Roghayeh Dehestani




Name and Last Name: Roghayeh Dehestani

 Post: Senior expert of the acquisition unit

 Employment Type: Official

 Serving Location Unit:  The central library and information center of Ferdowsi university of Mashhad

The Unit Name: Acquisition

The Direct In Charge: Parivash Iman Talab





  • Ordering Persian and Latin books
  • Purchasing Persian and Latin books from book fair
  • Checking the received requests daily on the book ordering site and doing the necessary references
  • Downloading electronic books
  • Preparing books purchased form fairs
  • Cooperating in checking the received gifted books and selecting proper books
  • Cooperating with the guiding librarian table
  • Cooperating with other units if necessary (shelf-reading of books and journals)
  • Ordering and pursuing reception of purchased newspapers
  • Cooperating in definite pursuits of the information bases
  • Checking contracts and extension
  • Foreign memberships such as IFLA
  • Carrying out other duties

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