Fariba Shegofteh





Name and Last Name: Fariba Shegofteh

 Post : Expert of the Journals unit

 Employment Type: Official

Serving Location UnitThe central library and information center of Ferdowsi university of Mashhad

The Unit Name: Journals

The Direct In Charge : Farzaneh Farjami


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  • Duties

    • Identifying main journals and core of the educational groups and announcing to the acquisition unit to buy them
    • Receiving journals and arrangement on the board
    • Updating the home page of the journals unit
    • Teaching and helping clients in information recovery, meeting the client’s need
    • Calculating and recording the statistics related to the unit’s activities
    • Sending journals to the bookbinding
    • Teaching apprentices
    • Sorting and periodic checking the on-board journals
    • Arranging and returning journals on tables
    • Supervising the hall affairs and using periodic journals based on the library’s regulations
    • Announcing shortage of Persian and Latin journals to the acquisition unit
    • Gathering clients’ opinion on buying new journals
    • Preparing journals’ CDs
    • Cooperating in visits affairs
    • Shelf-reading and controlling the stock based on the library’s need
    • Making inventories, brochures, catalogs, etc needed by the clients
    • Carrying out other duties

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