Nasrin Nouri




Name and Last Name:  Nasrin Nouri

 Post : In Charge of systems supporting unit

 Employment Type: Official

Serving Location UnitThe central library and information center of Ferdowsi university of Mashhad

The Unit Name: Systems supporting

The Direct In Charge: Zohreh Abbasi








  • Providing consultation on technical and supporting affairs
  • Controlling and supervising purchasing computer equipments
  • Repairing and supporting computer equipments of the central library and information center
  • Leading and supervising the execution of programs and operation of working computers
  • Supervising the performance of local and long-distance communicative equipments (VOIP telephones, POSE, FAX, WIDI, etc)
  • Taking care of the correct performance of facilities existing in the environment where the computers are, such as electricity, heat, moisture, etc based on the determined regulations.
  • Identifying needs of hardware and software systems and how to use them
  • Communicating with other computer centers inside the university in order to know scientific and technical progresses on fundamental softwares and hardwares  and utilizing them if needed to.
  • Cooperating with network experts, analyzers and designers of the university’s computer center to create facilities for utilizing intended systems and satisfying users.
  • Cooperating in removing the probable problems happens during scientific use of programs
  • Feasibility studying and designing networks of the needed computers regarding the users’ number, data volume and connecting points
  • Troubleshooting and removing fault within the communicative network
  • Carrying out other duties




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