Parivash Iman Talab




Name and Last Name: Parivash Iman Talab

 Post : In charge of the acquisition unit

 Employment Type: Official

Serving Location UnitThe central library and information center of Ferdowsi university of Mashhad

The Unit Name: Acquisition

The Direct In Charge: Zohreh Abbasi


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    • Ordering Persian and Latin books
    • Supervising, coordinating and keeping in view the activities of the acquisition unit
    • Carrying out the administrative correspondence of the unit
    • Making coordination on affairs related to conge of the unit’s colleagues
    • Announcing the equipment required for the unit
    • Preparing annual report
    • Carrying out stages and correspondence of egress of weeding and extra book properties
    • Managing purchase of books and other librarian resources from fairs and the city
    • Managing the credit of purchasing book and specifying the unit’s purchase credit based on the existing indexes
    • Pursuing purchase orders of faculties’ libraries
    • Pursuing supporting of protective systems of the library from the concerned company
    • Managing contract with brokers of supplying librarian resources
    • Ordering and supplying all librarian resources including book, journal, digital resources and needed bases and doing necessary pursuits
    • Ordering and supplying librarian equipment needed by university’s libraries
    • Managing the book orders recording system and removing its problems and carrying out essential reporting
    • Inquiring the requested Latin books from different brokers and comparing prices and selecting the best broker(s).
    • Holding book fairs
    • Cooperating with the Guiding Librarian Table

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