Bi Bi Sima Eslami Azghandi




Name and Last Name: Bi Bi Sima Eslami Azghandi

 Post: Expert of the dissertation unit

 Employment Type: Official

 Serving Location Unit: The central library and information center of Ferdowsi university of Mashhad

The Unit Name: Dissertation

The Direct In Charge: Mohammad Nezam Dust





  • Receiving forms of dissertation request with card from clients, controlling the form information, Bringing requested dissertations from shelves and filing the card and the form
  • Putting the dissertation request forms beside the monitors
  • Responding to non-verbal clients (including professors, staff, students) in the form of telephone and E-mail
  • Carrying out financial affairs related to out of the university usersه
  • Putting the returned dissertations in the shelves
  • Putting the returned dissertations in main shelves (at the beginning of every day)
  • Preparing search computers to be used by clients
  • Guiding the clients when searching via the SIMORGH software and dissertations' fileا
  • Seeking dissertations that sometimes are not in the shelves for reasons and preparing an inventory for further analysis
  • Preparing the list of lost dissertations
  • Controlling the hall for fair and calm use of resources
  • Reporting the users' statistics
  • Providing apprenticeship services to Ferdowsi and non-Ferdowsi's student
  • Doing other duties

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