Seyyed Mohammad Mahdi Safaie




Name and Last Name:  Seyyed Mohammad Mahdi Safaie

 Post : Public administration manager of the central library and information center

 Employment Type: Contract

Serving Location UnitThe central library and information center of Ferdowsi university of Mashhad

The Unit Name: Administrative

The Direct In Charge: Zohreh Abbasi













Duties as the public administration manager

  • Supplying room and preparing administrative utensil and facilities and equipment to provide services
  • Carrying out necessary attempts to preserve cleanliness and making the working space healthy and supplying proper environment hygiene to provide services
  • Supplying required communicative utensil to facilitate providing services
  • Supplying employees’ welfare utensil and facilities
  • Organizing, appointing duties, dividing labor, appointing authority and assigning authority among subordinate units
  • Predicting the university’s needs from the perspective of technical and administrative utensil and requirements and estimating their cost
  • Planning and supervising preparatory operations, storage, vehicles preventive maintenance
  • Dealing with affairs related to contracts and taking part in their meetings
  • Anticipating the unit’s preparatory needs
  • Dealing with and issuing necessary command to received letters and reports
  • Signing various decrees like conge, mission, etc, related to staff supervised
  • Superintending supervised staff’s work and providing necessary guidance
  • Carrying out other duties


  • Duties as in charge of property bookkeeper

    • Inventorying the property regularly
    • Recording the goods prepared on the concerned software
    • Preparing the inventory of properties related to each room, installing it on-site and updating it regularly
    • Preparing report of the warehouse condition to manage the library and university’s accountability
    • Controlling the purchased goods with the invoices and setting concerned forms to deliver to the accounting.
    • Delivering the units’ needed goods to the concerned in charge person
    • Filling in special forms for properties’ egress after the library’s headship’s verification
    • Controlling the properties’ return at the appointed time




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