Blind and Low-Vision Services Section


The aim of setting up this unit is to provide service to blind and visually impaired members and preparing a set of studying and researching resources, hardwares and softwares needed by them. Currently, by transferring this section of the library to a location beside the reading rooms and the university’s computer site, an accessible and proper space has been provided to them. This unit consists of three parts:

The Braille library: This section includes 1210 books in Braille in different topical fields.

The telling library: This section includes 370 audio books in literature and … fields intended to get completed with a full set of audio books in near future.

The recording studio: This section is in fact a subordinate of the telling library which consists a cabin used for recoding and generating telling books. The blinds section is run under the supervision of the borrowing section of the library and by the blinds themselves.

  • Entering this unit and using the available resources is permitted just by providing student ID card.
  • Silence must be kept in halls.
  • Any damage to books and the library leads to membership abolition and legal prosecution.






 clock e0 Time of the unit’s service providing


Naser Falah Nezhad Tafti jobdesc 

Expert of the blinds and visually impaired section

B.S ...

Telephone: 38806582





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